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Digital Design & Data Management

Since Covid everything has changed for all of us. Church is no exception to this. Many business are already set up for these changes and they have the capitol to shift for this. Churches and non profits dont usually have the capitol to shift easily or financially. Yet, how we connect with people is now digital and Analog. Most churches can't afford to hire an entire staff to manage the data and streamline websites and become video and social media influencers all at once.  This is where Digital design and data management become a necessity in this new digital world. Church works has years of experience in creating customized digital plans to help you influence your community and keep track of the growth all while artistically creating and customized integrated brand and marketing strategy. 

What We Do

  • We start by understanding your sacred call.

  • We will create logos and build a brand for your church or non profit.

  • We will organize your Data Base or help you choose the right data that fit your needs. 

  • Streamline your website or help you build a new custom website.

  • Organize all data  and make changes to the back end Data base 

  • Create formulas that custom fit your organization for the future

  • create a bulletproof digital system that will help your church sustainbly grow for many years

  • social media integration with trackable data.

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