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The Myth

The Truth

The Life

Most the time when we talk about money in church, people run the other way.  Why do people run or shut down?  It is mostly out of fear or guilt. When many think of church they visualize an old Pastor standing on a stage using fear and guilt to get money for their cause. For years the church has faced a real struggle to find the resources to fund the sacred calling God has given them.  The struggle is to do this by sharing vision and excitement for how others can be a part of what God is doing, without using fear and guilt. How do we navigate issues of money in ministry and still help fund the sacred calling God has given us? 

We have to go back to the beginning to attack the Myth of money, then begin to find Truth in the cycles of generosity that God planted in us, and then the life of joy and freedom that God gives us as the Generosity Movement begins to take hold in our lives and our communities. 

Join us in the Generosity Movement as we deal with The Myth, The Truth, and The Life.  

Lets Talk about Generosity

Does God have something to say to about generosity? Does the Christian movement have a relevant voice in the issues of generosity in our lives?  Can Christ redeem our broken patterns and cycles that revolve around our finances and how we give? 


The Generosity Movement was birthed out of these real struggles.  We believe God is generous and has planted this DNA in us.  It is how he originally designed us, yet we wrestle as humans with how to do this with joy, freedom and peace.  The journey from a place of fear and guilt to a land of redemptive gratitude and redemptive generosity is not a simple three step equation. It is better described as a journey.  


The Generosity Movement is purposefully created to address the emotional, practical and spiritual issues surrounding generosity. God made us to be generous with our lives. 

The intent is to foster a path to freedom and health regarding issues that revolve around our finances and giving. 


We invite you to join The Generosity Movement on a journey from fear and guilt to freedom and joy in giving.

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Generosity Movement

  • Generosity Movement 1 day training

4 sessions of The Myth, The Truth, The Life taught by John Jonez and Aaron Foor. 

  • Fundraising

       -Digital fundraising campaigns

       -Capitol campaigns

       -Building campaigns 

       -Missions campaigns

  • Coaching for Generosity

       -One on One Coaching

       -Group coaching for Pastors

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How it all started

It started with a breakfast in 2016. John Jonez and Aaron Foor had a meal together and began a friendship. A former VP of Finance for Dell Technologies and a career pastor began to talk and wrestle out the finer details of finance and ministry.  It may seem an odd pairing of "rows and columns" with "bibles and shepherding", but they quickly realized the great struggle of Church ministry life and finances. At the heart of these things is a deep desire to honor God and further his kingdom. After many years working side by side in ministry these two decided to launch the Generosity Movement. It's more than a class and some information, it is an entire different way of dealing with life and ministries together. Generosity invades very aspect of our lives. 

Join us for a unique experience that incorporates rows and columns with inspirational scripture, to see how God may transform your heart to be generous. 

The Generosity Movement practically finds its application in a seminar style experience, and in one-on-one coaching. It also applies in fundraising projects for both churches and non profits.  

generosity white myth truth and life.png
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