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Why Church Works

A unique approach, using a proven method of ministry to create movement...

Our method and model of ministry is based on the 4 building blocks of church movement. These are:

  • Sacred Calling

  • Volunteer Discipleship

  • Outreach

  • Mission


A Fresh and Relevant Approach to Church and Non-profit Work

We know that crossing the bridge from the systems and thoughts of ministry that you may be accustomed to can be scary. We will coach you through a new wholistic system of ministry using data and years of proven experience to get you to the other side to thrive. 


We Deliver Exceptional Services to Help Your Church or Nonprofit Grow.

Generosity Movement

movement from fear and guilt to joy in giving. Raising funds is hard. Its even harder to do without feeling like a used car salesman. The Generosity Movement is a program designed by John Jonez former VP of Finance at Dell Technologies and Aaron Foor 25 year Pastor. This unique program is presented from the perspective of a pastor and a career finance professional. Church works can help you transform the culture of giving to one of Joy. 

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Digital Design & Data Management

Everything is connected. or at least it should be. 


Your design and brand in the digital world, along with the data that comes from this world. We help you design a look and feel digitally that represents your church or non profit, and build the back end to manage involvement and fundraising. We build digital structures to connect all the dots so you can reach more people and get more involvement in your cause or your church. using technology and years of practical ministry experience to keep you moving and connecting with more people for sustainable growth. 

Building & Design

The look and feel of the space you meet in is crucial to your success in connecting with Guests. We design everything from the guest experience to the entire building from a pastors perspective. Our team has years of experience in building and design from a ministry perspective. 

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